Student Experience Survey (SES)

Program Title

Feedback from students is very important in trying to improve the quality of learning experiences at higher education institutions. 

This questionnaire is designed to gather student opinions about their experiences about half way through their program.  The items relate to all your experiences so far, not just to one particular course.

This is a confidential survey.  Do not write your name or identify yourself.  Your responses will be combined with the responses of others in a process that does not allow any individual to be identified and the overall opinions will be used to plan for improvements in the quality of educational experiences at your institution.

Please respond to the following questions by selecting a response for each of your answers. 

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Advice and Support

 Strongly AgreeAgreeTrue/Neutral/No OptionDisagreeStrongly Disagree
1. It was easy to find information about the institution and its programs before I enrolled at this institution for the first time.
2. When I first started at this institution the orientation program for new students was helpful for me.
3. There is sufficient opportunity at this institution to obtain advice on my studies and my future career.
4. There is sufficient Opportunity at this institution to receive counseling services
5. Procedures for enrolling in courses are simple and efficient.
6. Program policy as described in the Student Bulletin, Registration Guide and Admission requirement document were adequate

Learning Resources and Facilities

 Strongly AgreeAgreeTrue/Neutral/No OptionDisagreeStrongly Disagree
7. Classrooms (including lecture rooms, laboratories etc.) are attractive and comfortable.
8. Student computing facilities are sufficient for my needs.
9. The library staff are helpful to me when I need assistance.
10. I am satisfied with the quality and extent of materials available for me in the library.
11. The library is open at convenient times.
12. Adequate facilities are available for extra curricular activities (including sporting and recreational activities)
13. Adequate facilities are available at this institution for religious observances.

Learning and Teaching

 Strongly AgreeAgreeTrue/Neutral/No OptionDisagreeStrongly Disagree
14. Most of the faculty with whom I work at this institution are genuinely interested in my progress.
15. Faculty at this institution are fair in their treatment of students
16. My courses and assignments encourage me to investigate new ideas and express my own opinions.
17. As a result of my studies my ability to investigate and solve new and unusual problems is increasing.
18. My ability to effectively communicate the results of investigations I undertake is improving as a result of my studies.
19. My program of studies is stimulating my interest in further learning.
20. The knowledge and skills I am learning will be valuable for my future career.
21. I am learning to work effectively in group activities.

Overall Evaluation

 Strongly AgreeAgreeTrue/Neutral/No OptionDisagreeStrongly Disagree
22. Overall I am satisfied with my life as a student at this institution.

Open Ended Questions

What do you like most about studying at this institution?
What do you dislike most about studying at this institution?

What suggestions do you have for improvements at this institution?