Program Evaluation Survey (PES)

Program Title

Feedback from students is very important in trying to improve the quality of programs. 

This questionnaire is designed to gather opinions from final year students about their experiences at the institution throughout their program.

This is a confidential survey.  Do not write your name or identify yourself.  Your responses will be combined with the responses of others in a process that does not allow any individual to be identified and the overall opinions will be used to plan for improvements.

Please respond to the following questions by selecting a response for each of your answers.

Strongly agree
True sometimes/Neutral/No Option
Strongly disagree

Help and Support for my Learning
 Strongly AgreeAgreeTrue SometimesDisagreeStrongly Disagree
1. Adequate academic and career counseling was available for me throughout the program.
2. The instructors were available for consultation and advice when I needed to speak with them
3. The instructors in the program inspired me to do my best.
4. The instructors in the program gave me helpful feedback on my work
5. The instructors in the program had thorough knowledge of the content of the courses they taught
6. The instructors were enthusiastic about the program
7. The instructors cared about the progress of their students
8. Overall I am satisfied with ‘Help and Support for my Learning'
Resources to Support my Learning
 Strongly AgreeAgreeTrue SometimesDisagreeStrongly Disagree
9. . Study materials in courses were up to date and useful
10. Library resources were adequate and available when I needed them
11. Classroom facilities (for lectures, laboratories, tutorials etc.) were of good quality
12. Student computing facilities were sufficient for my needs
13. Adequate facilities were available for extra curricular activities (including sporting and recreational activities)
14. Adequate facilities were available for religious observances
15. Field experience programs (internship, practicum, cooperative training) were effective in developing my skills. (Omit this item if not applicable to your program)
16. Overall I am satisfied with "Resources to my Support Learning"
Evaluation of my Leaning and Program Curriculum
 Strongly AgreeAgreeTrue SometimesDisagreeStrongly Disagree
17. What I have learned in this program will be valuable for my future
18. The program has helped me to develop sufficient interest to want to continue to keep up to date with new developments in my field of study
19. The program has developed my ability to investigate and solve new problems
20. The program has improved my ability to work effectively in groups
21. The program has improved my skills in communication
22. The program has helped me to develop good basic skills in using technology to investigate issues and communicate results
23. I have developed the knowledge and skills required for my chosen career
24. Overall, I am satisfied with my “Learning and program curriculum”

Services provided during the Program

 Strongly AgreeAgreeTrue SometimesDisagreeStrongly Disagree
25. I am satisfied with Labs and computers used for the program
26. I am satisfied with internet services required for the program
27. I am satisfied with IT services provided
28. I am satisfied with Scheduling Services
29. I am satisfied with Exams and Grading standards
30. I am satisfied with DCC Registration System
31. Overall I am satisfied with the services provided for my program

Overall Program Evaluation:

 Strongly AgreeAgreeTrue SometimesDisagreeStrongly Disagree
32. Overall I was satisfied with the quality of my program at DCC
General Information


 Less than 2020 to 25More than 25
33. My age range is
Overall GPA
 2.0 to 2.502.51 to 3.03.01 to 3.53.51 to 4.0
34. My overall GPA for last semester is
Marital Status
 I am marriedI am unmarried
My marital status is
Status 1
 I am transferred studentI was directly admitted at DCC
My status
Status 2
 I am a Diploma (Evening Student)I am DCC (Morning Student)
My status
 I am from Dammam/Khobar LikeI am from Other Region
My region
Years spent after Prep Year
 Less than 2 years2 years3 yearsMore than 3 years
Years spent at the college after completing my prep year
Plan after graduation
 Continue my educationJoin job marketStudy and workNot decided
After graduation I am planning to
Did you change your major
Open Ended Items
What did you like most about your studies at this institution? (Strengths of the Program)
What did you dislike most about your studies at this institution? (Weakness of the Program)
What suggestions do you have for improvements in your program at this institution?
If you changed your major, explain why.