Field Experience Supervisor Survey (FESS)

The purpose of this survey is to obtain supervisors' input on the performance and quality of DCC trainees and internship program of the Dammam Community College at King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals. Your help in completing this survey is highly appreciated.
Organization Information
Organization Name:
Supervisor Position:
Organization Size (Number of employees):
The Trainee's Major is:
When you were first informed of this assignment as supervisor? 
1. Have you supervised any training students before?
2. Were you given enough information about the assignment by your company? 
3. Were you given enough information about this assignment by DCC?
4. Were your role and your responsibilities as supervisor communicated to you?
5. Would you like to have more students next year as trainees from DCC?
6. Do you know who to communicate with at DCC regarding any relevant issues?
 Very GoodGoodFairPoorNo Opinion
1. How competent was the trainee
2. The contributions made by the trainee during the training
3. How do you rate the communication skills of the trainee?
4. How do you rate the trainee as a "team member"?
5. How do you rate the professional attitude of the trainee?
6. How do you rate the ethical and Islamic values of the trainee?
7. How satisfied were you with the DCC trainee?
General Comments
1. Please identify any other skills you would like our interns to have.
2. Based on your observations of Dammam Community College trainees, please list the most important noted:
a) Weakness/Criticisms
b) Strengths
3) Would you recommend recruiting the trainee in your organization